Students and teachers from the Davis, Morgan, Ogden and Weber Districts will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on demonstrations and workshops, while gaining insight into future science, technology, engineering and math careers and higher education.

November 06, 2023

Davis Conference Center
1651 North 700 West
Layton, Utah 84041

Stem Action Center Utah HAFB STEM
About The Expo

Educators are acutely aware that students need exposure to training in STEM fields in order to prepare them for success in today’s changing world. In order to address this need, we are proactively identifying avenues to provide students with opportunities to explore STEM fields, investigate necessary educational paths, and foster enthusiasm for future careers.

We believe it is critical to provide authentic experiences for students to begin this process through collaboration with and exposure to local STEM-based businesses. Davis, Weber, Ogden and Morgan school districts cooperatively work to generate solutions to this need and facilitate a STEM Career and College Exposition during which students have the opportunity to network with STEM professionals and become familiar with career opportunities along with the necessary educational preparation.

We will host this event on Monday, November 6 at the Davis Conference Center. Our vision is that this exposition will become an opportunity for students to engage with multiple STEM-driven businesses and higher-education institutions so they will have the necessary information and background to make informed career path decisions. Your support and involvement is an essential component to the success of this venture and we look forward to future collaboration in ensuring a well-prepared and educated workforce.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing | Meridian A-E-F

The manufacturing sector of our state employs the makers of our society. They are the companies that take ideas of engineering and design and make them a reality. New advances in material science and manufacturing techniques have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in all areas of engineering and technology from buildings that are safer, cars that are faster and more efficient, aircraft that are invisible to radar detection, and rockets that will carry us to explore new planets. The job opportunities in this sector are increasing exponentially, mirroring the demand for people who understand how to optimize engineering designs that use these new materials and processes. These opportunities include advanced composites like carbon fiber, 3D printing in a wide variety of materials, the generation of new synthetic materials and advanced machining and fabrication techniques with computer numeric control (CNC) and robotic systems.

Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences | Meridian C-G

Computer scientists and computational thinkers are the creators in a digital economy. Current students need to be more than just consumers of technology; they need to be active citizens in our technology-driven world. Our economy is rapidly shifting, and both educators and business leaders are increasingly recognizing that computer science is a new “basic” skill necessary for economic opportunity and social mobility. Last year, there were more than 600,000 high-paying tech jobs across the United States that were unfilled, and by 2018, 51% of all STEM jobs are projected to be in computer science-related fields. Computer science and data science are not only important for the tech sector, but also for most industries including transportation, healthcare, education, and financial services.

Construction Technologies

Construction Technologies | Twilight 1-4

Members of this panel will be able to answer questions about the building process as a whole and jobs within the progressive stages. In the design phase, formal design teams, including civil engineers and surveyors, create detailed specifications and drawings before construction begins. Project coordinators work with lawyers, investors, and government officials to acquire financing and meet all requirements for zoning and building codes. In the procurement phase, construction proceeds through either the design-build method where one company provides both design and building services to complete a structure or through the management procurement method where a client negotiates separate contracts with a designer, individual construction contractors, and an independent construction manager.

Examples of traditional technologies include plumbing, construction management, refrigeration, electrical wiring, and heating and air conditioning. Developing materials and construction methods to meet green standards for buildings is a new and dynamic field. Environmental engineering and geotechnical engineering are areas requiring advanced construction technologies. Advanced construction technologies include:

  • Steel-Plate Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Concrete Composition Technologies (Advanced Concrete Admixtures)
  • High Deposition Rate Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • 3D Modeling
  • GPS Applications in Construction
  • Open-Top Installation
  • Pipe Bends vs. Welded Elbows
  • Precision Blasting/Rock Removal.

Digital Design and Media:

Digital Design and Media: | Meridian D-H

A career in digital design is more than just graphic or web design and has crossover in many fields. These fields include advertising and marketing; architectural design and rendering; animation for games, science, and medicine; photography and image creation; film and video production; and more. In fact, students are advised to search for jobs by skills and roles rather than job titles as new job titles emerge every year. The digital artist and designer must plan to be in a continual state of learning new techniques, software, and technical equipment. Intangible skills such as a keen sense of story, communication, teamwork, and creativity are also important.

Come and learn about all of the jobs that utilize digital design technologies to create dynamic sensory experiences. You will meet industry experts from Utah firms in architecture, advertising, animation, and film and learn about the many ways you can turn your creative talents into a career you will love.

Energy and Environmental Science

Energy and Environmental Science | Stratus 5-6

Energy can be defined simply as, “The ability to do work.” So what kind of businesses deal with creating energy so the rest of us can do our work? Did you know that the amount of energy needed in the United States doubles every 20 years? Or that the energy used to run Google can continuously power 200,000 homes? What are businesses doing to keep up with the demand and make energy creation, delivery, and use more efficient? What STEM careers do they offer, and does the future look “bright” for power and energy? These panel experts will share their roles in the energy industry and the new and exciting energy options on the horizon.

If you are interested in animals, the oceans, the weather, the soil, or what makes the world go round, this is the area for you! Environmental science includes the physical, biological, and information sciences, such as ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, zoology, mineralogy, oceanology, limnology, soil science, geology, atmospheric science, . . . and the list goes on! Our use of the environment helps us every day and in every way, but what are businesses doing to protect the environment so we don’t overuse it? Come see what some major local companies are doing in environmental STEM research, careers, and protection.

Health and Biomedical Sciences

Health and Biomedical Sciences | Stratus 7-8

In Utah, STEM jobs are in high demand, particularly in healthcare and engineering. In the future, it is projected that STEM job demand will increase by 17%, while unemployment rates for individuals with STEM degrees maintains an average of 1.6%. As demands increase, students need to prepare to fill these positions. Students who learn science in a cross-disciplinary environment will be the ones to push the boundaries of scientific research. Biomedical sciences are a set of applied sciences relating to natural science, formal science, or both to develop knowledge, interventions, or technology for use in healthcare or public health. Such disciplines as medical microbiology, medical pathology, clinical virology, clinical epidemiology, and biomedical engineering are medical sciences. Biomedical denotes a principal emphasis on problems related to human health and diseases.

On this panel, you will learn about career pathways in the medical field and have the opportunity to talk to a panel of industry professionals from the areas of laboratory science, pharmacy, nursing, and dental hygiene to understand career expectations, industry trends, and how to prepare yourself for a successful career in the medical field.

Transportation Technologies

Transportation Technologies | The Zephyr

In this panel, you will hear from companies involved in a variety of transportation roles from manufacturing to system management. All transportation depends on technology, whether it’s the wheel, the jet engine, or the computer chip. Transportation is not just technology—it’s a system of technology, people, energy, money, and more—but advances in technology play a key role in shaping transportation systems, which in turn help to shape our lives, landscapes, and culture.

The growth of the world’s population coupled with climate change concerns have placed increasing demands on transportation infrastructure. New transportation technologies are emerging to meet these challenges, including connected and autonomous vehicles, alternative fuels, keyless fleet management and traffic analytics, as well as local zoning and planning policies that support transit-oriented development.


Welcome, students! We think you have made a wise choice today in choosing to spend some time with us at the STEM Expo! Whether you are a student who has mapped out your future and is setting your plans in motion or a student who doesn’t quite know yet in which direction you want to go, we have people here who can help you.

We have two distinct experiences awaiting you: One is the Expo Hall where we have gathered representatives from over 50 businesses and educational institutions who have engaging activities for you to try and lots of people on hand to answer your questions. The other is panel discussions where we have selected leaders of industry and education who will share valuable insights into their professions.

We hope you will use your time strategically: While we do have a few requirements for you to meet, we have left a lot of what you get out of this day up to you. Will your time be better used by attending an extra panel discussion where you will hear from industry and education experts or by spending more time in the Expo Hall where you have freedom to investigate and network with over 50 businesses, technical colleges, and universities?

Our rules are very simple: Please act professionally and appropriately while you are here. This includes remembering to clean up after you eat. And yes, lunch is provided!

We do have a few requirements:

  • All students will start in a panel discussion.
  • After the first panel discussion, you can choose to attend more panel discussions or go to the Expo Hall. Once you are in a panel discussion, we ask that you stay until the end and don’t forget to get your ticket for attending.
  • In the Expo Hall, be sure to take some serious time to really talk to the people there, and then ask them nicely to punch your card. We need you to visit a minimum of 6 businesses and 2 higher education institutions.
  • Be sure to drop off your punch card when it is complete as there will be a drawing for some really cool stuff (thanks to our generous business partners for their donations) at the end of the day in the Expo Hall.

Investigation, Strategic Thinking, Problem-Solving, Planning, Exploring, Critical Thinking, Questioning:
We want you to start with a plan of action, but we also encourage you to explore. To investigate. To look at things with an open mind. To ask some really good questions that are important to you. And most importantly, know that people are here because they truly care about your future!

9:30 AM
Panel 1
Expo Hall Setup Time - All Students are in a panel
Expo Hall: Closed
10:15 AM
Expo Hall opens to students
Expo Hall: Open
10:25 AM
Panel 2
During your time in the Expo Hall, this is your chance to network with businesses and higher education institutions. You will be given a punch card that you will turn in for some FABULOUS prizes. We are asking that you visit a minimum of 6 businesses and 2 education institutions.
Expo Hall: Open
11:10 AM
Expo Hall: Open
11:20 AM
Panel 3
We have provided a list of businesses that will be present in the EXPO Hall in the 'Sponsors' section of this site. Use this list to your advantage and be sure to stop by the booths with careers that interest you. If you’re not sure what you’re interested in, this is a great way to browse the possibilities.
Expo Hall: Open
12:05 PM
Prizes and Final Thoughts
Expo Hall: Open
1:00 PM
Board Busses
Busses will be in the upper parking lot
Expo Hall: Closed
4:30 PM
Family Night
FREE Family Night – Details on 'Family Night' Tab (above)
Expo Hall: Open
4:30 - 7:30pm

Bring your family to the free STEM EXPO (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Parents and students from Davis, Weber, Ogden, and Morgan School Districts are invited to attend this free family event featuring local STEM business and education institutions.

Learn about Career opportunities in the local STEM industries. Meet with representatives of local technical colleges, community colleges, and universities to explore educational pathways. Come be a part of the explosive and exciting world of STEM!

  • Open to grades K-12
  • Explore STEM Careers
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Interactive Displays>
  • 50+ Businesses
  • Career and College Planning
  • Concessions will be available

To help you get the most out of your workshop and EXPO experience, here are some questions you might ask of our presenters and company representatives.

  • What STEM careers are available in your company?
  • What is the future job outlook for STEM careers in your company?
  • What is the most in-demand position in your company?
  • How has the field of _________________ changed in the last ten years? Or, how has your company changed in the last ten years? What kinds of changes do you project for the next ten years?
  • What courses should a student take in high school to prepare for a career in _____________?
  • Would you recommend a technical college program or a university program for post high school education?
  • Are there specific schools that you would recommend?
  • Does your company offer education benefits such as flexible schedules or tuition assistance?
  • Does your company offer internships? If so, are there prerequisites?
  • What other perks or opportunities does your company offer its employees?


Northern Utah STEM Expo


Students and teachers from the Davis, Morgan, Ogden and Weber Districts will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on demonstrations and workshops, while gaining insight into future science, technology, engineering and math careers, and higher education. The STEM Expo is on November 6, 2023 at the Davis Conference Center. The vision of the exposition is to create an opportunity for students to engage with multiple STEM-driven businesses and higher-education institutions, to facilitate the exchange of necessary information and background to support informed career path decisions. Your support and involvement is an essential component to the success of this venture. We look forward to future collaboration in ensuring participants are well-prepared to participate in the STEM workforce.


Calling all Partners!!! Help us to make Our Event a Blast!

STEM Expo is Mon, Nov 06, 2023 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, UT.

Booths need to be interactive with students to show how you use STEM in your business and be as Hands-On as possible. Preferably business partners will have a booth set-up All Day, but you may also register for just the 'Day Session': Set-up is from 7 - 9:30am with students coming around from 10:15 am - 1:30 pm for High School Students (estimating 900+ students ) OR just for the Night Session: 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm for the Family Night (roughly 4-5K people). We have run out of booth space, so priority will be given to groups who commit to All Day.

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Stem Action Center Utah HAFB STEM


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Davis Conference Center

1651 North 700 West
Layton, UT 84041

No registration is necessary for the STEM EXPO FREE Family Night from 4:30 to 7:30. Hands-on activities, interactive displays, prizes, and more.